B2B International Marketing Budgets Growing

August 26, 2008

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More than half of B2B marketers surveyed intend to increase their international marketing budgets but are confronting attendant challenges, such as having to deal with different languages, an exclusive survey by BtoB found.

Among marketers anticipating increases this year in non-US marketing budgets:

  • 60.0% plan increases of 1-10% over last year.
  • 24.8% plan increases of 11-20%.
  • 8.8% plan increases of 21-30%.
  • 6.4% plan increases of more than 30%.

Among marketers anticipating decreases this year in non-US marketing budgets:

  • 87.8% plan decreases of 1-10%.
  • Just 12.2% plan decreases of more than 10%.

Surprisingly, 69.7% of those surveyed say they do not have a web presence?in other languages, and 58.4% say they do not have marketing materials in other languages.

One-quarter of marketers surveyed (25.9%) say 1-10% of company revenue is from non-US business; 9.1% say 11-20%; and 11.7% say 21-30%. Of the remaining 53% of companies, about one-quarter say all their revenue is from within the US, and about one-quarter said more than 30% comes from outside the US.

BtoB conducted the online survey of 274 marketers during the last week of July and the first week of August.

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