America’s Largest and Fastest-Growing Advertisers

June 26, 2013

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Kantar-Top-10-US-Ad-Spenders-in-Q1-June2013A couple of new reports out reveal the ad industry’s heavyweights and fastest risers. The first study, from Kantar Media, shows the top 10 largest advertisers in the US, which together accounted for an estimated $3.74 billion in ad spending excluding online advertising, or more than 10% of such spending in Q1. The second study, from Ad Age, identifies the fastest-growing spenders in 2012, each increasing their ad dollars last year by more than 25%.

Top 10 Spenders in Q1

The top 10 list for Q1 obviously comes with an asterix, as the data does not include internet advertising activity. (It also doesn’t include FSIs, house ads, or PSA activity, but those are not as substantial.) As such, the list could be termed the “10 largest spenders on traditional media advertising.”

Nevertheless, a comparison of the top 10 from Q1 2013 with the top 10 list from 2012 overall (which included display ad spending; found here) shows that 8 of the top 10 from 2012 are also on the Q1 list, with only Toyota (#8 in 2012) and Chrysler (#10) falling off the list. (That could be because of the display ad spending exclusion, or because their spending dropped off.)

Taking all of that into account, the top advertisers in Q1 were Procter & Gamble (up 9.1% to $722.5 million), AT&T (up 27.5% to $463.5 million) and L’Oreal (up 25.2% to $394.6 million). GM took the fourth position with spending down 2.6% from Q1 2012 (to $362.9 million), and News Corp rounded out the top 5, with a slight fall-off in spending to $340.1 million.

Overall, the top 10 spenders increased their expenditures by an average of 5.7% in Q1, while overall ad spend was relatively flat.

Top 10 Fastest-Growing Spenders in 2012

AdAge-Top-10-Fastest-Growing-US-Ad-Spenders-in-2012-June2013Although some of those big spenders above increased their ad spend by significant amounts (with AT&T a prime example), some other companies are ramping up their spending even more rapidly. According to Ad Age’s estimates (based on measured media plus unmeasured spending), Samsung was the fastest mover, hiking its ad spend by 58% en route to $881 million in spending in the US. (Spending was estimated at $4.3 billion worldwide, compared to Apple’s $1 billion.)

After Samsung, Amazon (up 47%, to $1.1 billion), IAC (up 43%, to $547 million), Lions Gate (up 43%, to $418 million) and AbbVie (up 41% to $481 million) each increased their spending by more than 40%.

Also cracking the top 10 in an effort to keep up with AT&T was T-Mobile US, with $1.1 billion in ad spending in 2012, up 27% from 2011.

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