Mother’s Day Spending Forecasts

May 3, 2013

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NRF-Mother's-Day-Spending-2007-2013-May2013Mother’s Day spending outlooks are mixed, but generally positive, according to recent reports from the NRF, IBISWorld, and Brand Keys. The NRF forecast predicts that the average consumer will spend 11% more on Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 12), for an average of $169, with total spending expected to reach $20.7 billion. Brand Key’s survey results [pdf] are similar, with celebrants planning to spend an average of $171, for a total of $18.6 billion, which would be a 5% increase from last year. IBISWorld, though, sees total spending reaching a smaller total of $17.1 billion, just 0.2% higher than last year.

Men will outspend women by 76% this year, per the NRF results, shelling out an average of $217 versus women’s $123. While the margins are slightly different, Brand Keys projects a similar result, with men anticipating spending more than $200, compared to $142 for women.

Breaking the NRF results down by age, 25-34-year-olds should spend the most ($226), followed by 18-24-year-olds ($210) and 35-44-year-olds ($188).

The most common destination for Mother’s Day shopping this year will be a specialty store (36.6%), according to the NRF study, with department stores (34.4%), discount stores (29.1%) and online (28.5%) also heavily in the mix. Among Brand Keys survey respondents, discount stores are most popular, with 45% planning to shop there, followed by specialty stores (40%), department stores (36%) and online (30%).

Turning to the gifts themselves, the NRF survey finds that consumers are most likely to buy greeting cards (77.5%), flowers (69.9%), a special outing (52.7%), gift cards or certificates (42.3%), clothing or clothing accessories (36.7%), and jewelry (34%). Notably, 14.1% will buy electronics, the highest proportion in the survey’s history, for a total of $2.3 billion.

Almost all of the Brand Keys respondents plan to buy cards (97%), with flowers (79%), gift cards (59%) and jewelry (38%) also among the most popular gifts.

In terms of total sales, IBISWorld expects that jewelry will see the most dollar volume, at $2.9 billion, followed by special outings ($2.8 billion), flowers ($2.7 billion) and gift certificates ($1.8 billion).

Finally, some consumers will put their mobile devices to use in shopping for Mother’s Day. According to the NRF results, 51.1% of tablet owners and 42.5% of smartphone owners will use their respective devices to research or make a purchase.

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