Traditional Media – Print Aside – Saw Healthy Global Ad Spend Growth Rates in 2012

April 19, 2013

Nielsen-Global-Ad-Spend-Growth-by-Medium-in-2012-Apr2013Traditional media continue to dominate global advertising spending, and most show no signs of falling off for the time being, according to new data released by Nielsen. TV, which commands the lion’s share of global ad budgets, saw a 4.3% increase in expenditures for the year, reaching $350 billion. Cinema, radio, and outdoor saw growth rate above the 3.2% overall average, up 5.8%, 6.1%, and 7.7%, respectively. And while magazines (-1.6%) and newspapers (-0.2%) saw slight declines in spending, they still accounted for more than one-quarter of global spending.

Online ad revenues, recently reported to have increased by 15.2% in the US, predictably was the fastest-growing advertising medium on a global basis, up by 9.9%. Online ad measurement was limited to the display format, though. In the US, display ad revenues grew by 13.4%.

At 62.8% of revenues, TV accounted for easily the largest portion of global advertising spend, followed by newspapers (19.5%) and magazines (8%). Radio (5.2%) and outdoor (2.3%) each also grabbed a higher portion of spend than the internet (1.9%). The internet’s share of the pie seems quite low, and it’s unclear if that’s because it was measured in a smaller subset of markets.

Other Findings:

  • At 0.3% of spending, cinema accounted for the smallest share of advertising dollars.
  • Display ad spend in Latin America grew by 21.2%, while rising 7.2% in Europe.
  • Asia-Pacific (10.3%) and Europe (7.4%) saw above-average increases in cinema advertising.

About the Data: Nielsen Global AdView Pulse measures ad spending for TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor, cinema and Internet display advertising. Ad spend is based mainly on published rate-cards. Some markets may exclude select media due to data availability.

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