QR Code Scanning Not Yet A Mainstream Activity For US Smartphone Users

February 28, 2013

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Nielsen-Smartphone-Commerce-Activities-Feb2013Nielsen has released a report [download page] called “The Mobile Consumer: A Global Snapshot,” in which it examines device penetration, activities, and advertising across 10 countries. Among the findings, 24% of American smartphone users surveyed during Q2 2012 reported scanning a barcode or QR code in the previous 30 days. Of the selected commercial activities, that ranked behind mobile banking (38%) and location-based services/GPS (48%) in use, but far ahead of NFC/mobile wallet use (3%).

The US was ahead of most of the other countries in terms of QR code scanning, behind only South Korea (38%) and China (30%). It’s also worth noting that the survey was conducted in Q2 2012, so there may have been some growth in adoption since then. A recent study from Pitney Bowes found that 19% of Americans claim to have used a QR code, putting adoption in the US ahead of the UK (15%), Germany (14%), and France (12%).

The US was more middle-of-the-pack in use of mobile banking and location-based services/GPS, with South Korea also out in front in both activities. But the US was well behind in use of NFC/mobile wallet. With just 3% of smartphone users reporting this activity, the US trailed China (20%) and South Korea (15%) distantly, also well behind Russia and Brazil (each at 11%).

The report notes that the top shopping activities for US smartphone owners are in-store price comparison, online coupons, and purchasing products.

About the Data: The data is derived from Nielsen Global Smartphone Insights, first half of 2012, and Nielsen Mobile Insights, 2012. More detailed methodology regarding the insights for each country can be found in the report.

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