Convenience, Mobility Drive Shopping Via Smartphones, But Best Deal Trumps All

May 23, 2012

ondatamobilefactors585jpg.jpgSome 70% of consumers perceive mobile advertising on their phones as a welcome personal invitation from brands rather than an “invasion,” and more than half of them want to be able to click through to a company’s website. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau Marketing Center for Excellence just-released report called “The IAB Mobile Phone Shopping Diaries,” mobile advertising is a key driver of smartphone and feature phone shopping. This is second only to convenience, with survey participants agreeing that the proximity and capabilities of their mobile phone often make it “the easiest way” to carry out a particular shopping activity. This IAB Mobile Marketing Center study was conducted by On Device Research, gathering smartphone and feature phone users to create detailed “day in the life” diaries of their mobile phone shopping behavior, followed by participation in an in-depth survey.

While 70% of respondents welcomed mobile advertising, more than half of those same respondents (51%) said they want the mobile ads they click on to allow them to browse the brand or company’s broader product offerings.

“Mobile commerce holds tremendous opportunities for brand marketers,” said Anna Bager, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB. “The fact that mobile ads are key handset shopping motivators means that digital advertising can be a powerful force in driving this new wave of commerce. Now is the time for the ecosystem to take advantage of this trend, leveraging the platform to its fullest by creating better and more engaging ad experiences that speak to the mobile phone user.”

Location is also an important factor. Perhaps surprising for mobile phone users, 47% of mobile phone shopping actions actually take place in the home, while 29% happen on-the-go, and 10% occur at work. Searching for products seems to be the main focus while consumers are home (57%), while searching for a store location is the primary usage while out and about (49%). Additionally, 49% of home mobile phone shopping actions take place while the user is watching television.

Timing is a consideration as well, with consumers beginning commerce activities on their commute, starting in the early morning, continuing through the day and peaking in late afternoon/early evening.

Linking digital marketing to brick-and-mortar shopping, “The IAB Mobile Phone Shopping Diaries” also offers a snapshot of how mobile users employ their devices during the shopping process:

  • Finding product information (28%)
  • Finding store locations (18%)
  • Comparing prices (12%)
  • Purchasing digital content, such as apps (9%)
  • Purchasing other items, such as physical items and tickets (5%)

Ultimately, mobile phone shoppers are motivated by finding the best deal. Fully 60% cited Getting Best Price/Saving Money as an important factor in mobile shopping, while 30% cited it as the most important factor. Saving Time ranked second, at about 47% rating it important, and 17% rating it most important.

About the Data: On Device Research’s U.S. panel contacted 260 respondents, who opted in to take part in a three-stage diary project, lasting a total of two weeks. Respondents were pre-screened on demographics and mobile commerce behaviorr to ensure the sample gathered was relevant and responsive. The 260 respondents were tasked using their mobile to check-in over a period of one week, whenever they used their mobile phones for commerce. All respondents completed a follow up survey that covered a range of topics from mobile commerce spend, mobile usage in store, attitudes towards mobile advertising and how they would like mobile commerce to progress in the future. Each respondent earned $10 for taking part.

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