iPad Found Accounting for 89% of Mobile Shopping Revenue

April 12, 2012

richrelevance-online-shopping-revenue-by-device-april2012.jpgThe iPad accounts for nearly two-thirds of all mobile shopping sessions, and an impressive 89% of all mobile shopping revenue, says RichRelevance in April 2012 study results. With mobile’s share of total retail climbing to 4.6% in March 2012 (from 1.9% in April 2011), this means that the iPad now accounts for more than 4% of total retail revenue. Meanwhile, other iOS devices make up 4% of the mobile revenue share, with other mobiles holding the remaining 7%. The study found that all mobiles combined now account for 9% of total online shopping sessions.

iPad Rules the AOV Roost

Data from the “RichRelevance Shopping Insights 2012 Q1” indicates that the average order value (AOV) for iPads ($158) is more than 50% higher than for other iOS devices ($104) and other mobile devices ($105), and also outpaces AOV on desktops and laptops ($153).

This finding is consistent with results from an Adobe Systems study released in January 2012, which looked at overall tablet visitors (not just iPads) to the analyzed sample of more than 150 US retailers, and compared AOVs with smartphone visitors and desktop or laptop visitors. That study found that tablet visitors spent $123 on average per purchase in 2011, 54% more than smartphone visitors ($80), and 21% more than those who visited via traditional laptop and desktop computers ($102).

Details from the RichRelevance report reveal that the high AOV for iPads is due to these users willing to shell out on pricier products. In fact, iPad unit sales per order were less than half those of desktop and laptop users (3 vs. 6.9), and also less than other mobile users (4.3). However, the average price per item for iPad purchases ($53) was more than double that of other mobile ($24) and desktop and laptop ($22) users.

iPad Owners Like to Shop on the Weekend

richrelevance-ipad-shopping-sessions-day-of-week-april2012.jpgLooking at iPad shoppers’ share of sessions by day of the week, the study finds that Saturday gets the largest share of sessions (7.6%), followed by Sunday (6.8%). Wednesday gets the smallest proportion (4.3%), with proportionately more desktop shopping occurring that day. With data showing that tablet owners open more emails and watch more online video at night, it’s perhaps not surprising to learn that in general, iPad shoppers prefer to shop in the evenings, with close to half of all iPad shopping occurring between 5 PM and midnight, including 9.5% at 9 PM.

Other Findings:

  • The iPad conversion rate is about triple that of other mobile devices (1.5% vs. 0.5%), though trails desktop and laptop conversion rates (2.3%).
  • On average, roughly 6% of all orders originate on mobile devices (including iPad) on weekends, compared to 4% on weekdays.
  • The top revenue-producing item for desktops and laptops is gift cards, with an average value of $100. For iPads, large-screen TVs are the top revenue driver, with the average price point being $310.
  • Texans appear to be the most likely to shop via a mobile, with mobiles accounting for 12% of all online shopping sessions within the state. By contrast, shoppers in Montana are least likely to use a mobile (5%) for their purchases.

About the Data The 2012 Q1 Mobile Study is based on more than 4.4 billion shopping sessions on US retail websites between April 1, 2011 and March 25, 2012. These retailers include mass merchants, as well as small and specialty retailers, including 10 of the 25 largest retailers on the web.

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