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March 28, 2012

compuware-site-load-time-on-tablets.jpg2 seconds. That’s the median expected load time for websites on tablets, finds Compuware in an March 2012 report. 32% of respondents said the website should load on their tablet in 2 seconds, while a further 37% said either 1 second (24%) or less than 1 second (13%). In fact, 70% of users said that a website should load as quickly on faster on their tablet than on their PC. And when faced with a problematic website, 49% say they would be less likely to visit the site again, 46% would visit a competitor’s site, and one-third would be less likely to purchase from the company.

  • Customers are responsive to the idea of retailers embracing tablets, says AisleBuyer in March 2012 survey results. Although only 1 in 5 shoppers surveyed had been to a store where associates used mobile devices instead of cash registers, 57% think retailers who use tablets and other mobile devices as cash registers are more innovative than those who still use a traditional cash register. And 41% would rather see retailers replace traditional cash registers with tablets to make room for additional merchandise. However, consumers appear to lack awareness of industry terminology: just 12% know what NFC means, while less than half know what a mobile wallet is.
  • The SEO market in the UK is continuing to grow rapidly, according to an Econsultancy guide released in March 2012. The company estimates that the value of the SEO market rose 18% through 2011 to reach 514 million pounds, up from 436 million a year earlier, and 376 million in 2009.
  • B2B companies are not taking advantage of social media for lead generation, details HubSpot in March 2012 survey results. Looking at data from 2011, when HubSpot studied more than 3,000 B2B businesses, the company found that 63% of B2B companies were not generating leads from social media, indicating that those companies were generating traffic from social channels, they were unable to convert that traffic into business leads.

About the Data: Compuware commissioned Equation Research to conduct an online study to understand the web experience expectations of tablet users. Interviews were conducted from January 5-16, 2012. The survey sample equals 2,033 total respondents (1,010 in the U.S., 206 in Japan, 203 in the U.K., 206 in Germany, 207 in France and 201 in India) who own a tablet and have used their tablet in the past 6 months to access/surf the Internet.

The AisleBuyer survey was conducted in February 2012 via Zoomerang, an online survey services provider. Results are based on 1027 respondents.

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