US Tablet Owners Listen to, Will Pay for Music on Device

March 19, 2012

nielsen-media-content-paid-for-on-tablet-march2012.jpgTablet owners appear to be avid music listeners, and are not shy about paying for their content, either. In fact, while a March 2012 report from [download page] Parks Associates finds that over 60% of US tablet owners use their device weekly to listen to music, figures from Nielsen indicate that US tablet owners are more likely to have paid for downloaded music (62%) on their device than for books (58%), movies (51%), magazines (41%), and TV shows (41%).

US Owners Less Likely to Pay for News

The Nielsen analysis of tablet owners’ behavior in Q4 2011 shows that of the various media content studied, US tablet owners were least likely to have paid for streaming radio (27%), sports (22%), and news (19%). And while US owners were more likely than their European (Italy, UK, Germany) counterparts to pay for most all media content, they were significantly less likely than Italian owners to pay for news (19% vs. 44%).

Tablet Owners Heavy Shoppers

US tablet owners’ willingness to pay for a variety of media content is reflective of an overall acceptance of using a mobile device for shopping. Indeed, according to a PriceGrabber survey released in March 2012, 77% of consumers who own a tablet say they use either a tablet or a smartphone to shop. These owners appear to be downloading a multitude of shopping-related applications, too: of the 84% who indicated that they had downloaded apps onto their mobile devices, 7 of the average of 39 apps on their devices were related to shopping.

Retailers Fail to Meet Opportunity

Although tablet owners appear to be big spenders, retailers appear to be missing an opportunity to optimally engage with them. Data from a Zmags and HawkPartners study released in February 2012 indicates that less than one-third of the top 100 internet retailers have optimized their sites for tablet commerce. This is despite results from an Adobe Systems study released in January 2012, indicating that tablet visitors to the analyzed sample of more than 150 US retailers spent $123 on average per purchase in 2011, 54% more than smartphone visitors ($80), and 21% more than those who visited via traditional laptop and desktop computers ($102).

About the Data: The PriceGrabber results are based on a survey conducted from February 23 – March 2, 2012, of 1,829 US online shopping consumers, 22% of whom indicated they own a tablet. The iYogi survey was conducted among its customers through an online survey questionnaire. A total of 2,214 respondents took the survey.

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