Walmart Top US Retail Brand, but Amazon Grows Fastest

February 22, 2012

interbrand-top-10-most-valuable-us-retail-brands-2012-feb12.jpgWalmart remains the most valuable US retail brand in 2012, with a value of $131.2 billion, although it has lost 2% of its value year-over-year, according to a February 2012 ranking from Interbrand. And although Walmart dominated its nearest competitor, Target ($23.4 billion), it joined #5 Best Buy, which lost 11% of its value to roughly $16.8 billion, as the only retail brands in the top 10 to see their value decrease over the past year. By contrast,, which ranked 9th with a brand value of $12.6 billion, grew 32% year-over-year, demonstrating the largest growth of the top 10. According to a survey released in February 2012 by Harris Interactive, has the fourth best corporate reputation in America, with a Reputation Quotient score of 81.9 (80 is considered excellent).

Meanwhile, the other brands on Interbrand’s top 10 list are #3 Home Depot ($22 billion), #4 CVS/pharmacy ($17.3 billion), #6 Walgreens ($15 billion), #7 Coach ($13.4 billion), #8 Sam’s Club ($12.9 billion), and #10 eBay ($9.8 billion).

Top Brands Grow by 4%

Looking at year-over-year performance, although the total brand value of the year’s top 50 US retail brands remained flat, the average growth by brand was 4%. Overall, the threshold for the US league list rose an impressive 90% compared to 2011, meaning that it now takes a brand value of $771 million to make the top 50.

Several Brands Demonstrate Solid Growth

Many brands other than Amazon increased their value by double-digits. The other brands in the top 50 demonstrating double-digit growth were #7 Coach (16%), #10 eBay (16%), #11 Nordstrom (10%), #12 Publix (11%), #15 Costco (16%), #18 Victoria’s Secret (11%), #37 Dick’s Sporting Goods (14%), #38 Whole Foods Market (12%), #46 Tractor Supply (18%), and #47 Family Dollar (10%).

Other Findings:

  • 5 US brands previously ranked in the top 50 fell off the list this year. They were Dell (#10 in 2011), Ralph Lauren (#26 in 2011), Ae?ropostale (#37 in 2011), American Girl (#49 in 2011), and Anthropologie (#50 in 2011). Both Dell and Ralph Lauren fell off the list as they no longer met the criteria for being considered a retailer. Specifically, neither brand generated at least 50% of its revenues from sales through its branded retail locations.
  • Brands new to the list this year were Guess (#29), Buckle (#44), Abercrombie & Fitch (#45), Advance Auto Parts (#48), and Rent-A-Center (#50).
  • Tesco is the most valuable UK retail brand, growing 9% to a value of $11 billion. Carrefour is tops in France, though it lost 17% of its value to $11.1 billion. Aldi is the most valuable retail brand in Germany, although it also lost 11% to about $3.2 billion. By contrast, the top Spanish retail brand, Zara, rose 8% to a value of roughly $8.1 billion.
  • Within the Asia Pacific region, Woolworths ranks as the top retail brand, with a value of $4.2 billion, up 5% year-over-year.
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