Most Have Used Tablet as Purchasing Device

November 14, 2011

jumptap-mobile-purchases.jpg63% of tablet owners have made a purchase using their device, compared to just 31% of smartphone owners, according to a study released in November 2011 by Jumptap in partnership with comScore. Data from Wave Two of “Understanding Mobile Audience” indicates that although purchasing is most widespread among PC owners (83%), younger tablet device users are closing the gap. Indeed, 79% of tablet owners aged 18-34 report having made a purchase using their device, compared to 89% of PC users and 51% of smartphone users of that age.
While purchasing is popular among all generations of PC users, the proportion of owners purchasing from tablets and smartphones is more segmented along generational lines: 50% of tablet owners aged 35-54 have made a purchase compared to 43% aged over 55, while 27% of smartphone users have made a purchase compared to just 12% aged over 55.

Jumptap’s findings align with results from a March 2011 study from the e-tailing group and Coffee Table, which found that tablet users are more likely than smartphone users to engage in online buying and/or browsing on a daily, weekly, several times per month, and monthly basis. The study also indicated that tablet users are more likely than smartphone users to say they have made 3 to 5, 6 to 10, and more than 10 online purchases in the last six months.

Events Top Mobile Purchases

According to the Jumptap report, the top three products and services that are bought using mobile devices (including tablets) are event tickets, daily deals from sites such as Groupon and Living Social, and apparel. Travel and physical copies of books, games, and movies round out the top 5.

Mobile Financial Sites Soar

The number of unique visitors to mobile financial sites jumped 139% from July 2010 to July 2011, compared to just a 16% increase for online financial sites during that time span. Meanwhile, while last year 1 in 8 mobile users accessed banking, credit card, insurance or brokerage information on their devices, that figure now stands at 1 in 6 users (37.9 million), representing an increase of 36%.

Most Access at Home

2 in 3 mobile device owners make purchases or access financial information in their homes, followed by about half who do so in their offices. 44% report financial activity on their devices while in a store, followed by 37% at a friend’s house, 34% at a restaurant or bar, and 26% at an event (concert).

Other Findings

  • 14% of the mobile population access financial information on their devices.
  • Mobile financial users use the mobile web more than mobile apps to access their accounts, while 21% access their bank account on a mobile device almost every day.

About the Data: Data for the Jumptap research study was sourced from more than 3,000 mobile subscribers aged 18+ with browser, application and media usage. Additional data was commissioned from comScore MobiLens U.S. Survey and Mobile Metrix.

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