MSN, Yahoo Amass Online Video Viewers

November 7, 2011

nielsen-top-online-video-destinations-sept11-nov11.gifOf the 10 most-viewed US online video brands in September 2011, MSN/WindowsLive/Bing reported the greatest increase in quarter-over-quarter unique viewership, according to Nielsen data. After reporting a 15.3% decrease in month-over-month viewership in June, MSN/WindowsLive/Bing rebounded to grow its unique audience 63%, from 15.1 million to 24.8 million, while remaining in the fifth spot.

Yahoo Overtakes Facebook

Yahoo also fared particularly well in September, increasing its audience 52% from 23 million to 35 million and leapfrogging Facebook for the third spot. The popular social network also grew its own viewership by 23%, from 25.3 million to 31.2 million.

Yahoo, AOL, ESPN Make Major Gains

nielsen-online-video-streams.jpgIn terms of total streams, Yahoo also performed admirably, increasing 44% from 176.9 million to 254.9 million and jumping from seventh to fourth place. Although AOL experienced greater percentage growth (58%), rising from 125.4 million to 198.8 million streams, it remained in eighth place. Meanwhile, ESPN entered the top 10 in seventh place with 202.7 million total streams.

YouTube remained the clear leader among streaming providers, increasing 15% to 10.2 billion total streams.

Netflix Triples Time of Closest Rival

nielsen-time-per-viewer.jpgThe 10 hours that US video viewers spent on average watching video on Netflix in September is more than triple the amount of time spent watching content on Youtube, the #2 site by time per viewer in September. jumped into the top 10 as the #3 site, with video viewers spending on average 2 hours and 34 minutes watching video on the site. Hulu experienced a significant decline, falling from 3 hours and 42 minutes in June to 2 hours and 26 minutes in September, and dropping from the second to fourth spot. Meanwhile,, which occupied the third spot in June, fell out of the top 10 altogether.

Viewership Booms

During September 2011, there were 164.4 million unique U.S. video viewers, up 15% from 142.5 million in June. Those video viewers streamed nearly 18 billion videos, up 24% from 14.7 billion last quarter, and spent almost 5 hours on average watching videos.

YuMe: CPG Clear Leader in Online Video Spending

The CPG channel is the clear leader in online video ad spending, according to Q1 2011 statistics from online ad server YuMe. Data from the Q1 report indicates the CPG category accounted for 28% of online video ad spending during the quarter. Telecom, the number two category in terms of ad spend, accounted for about 11% of total spending. This means CPG outspent its closest competitor by about 2.5 times. Other leading categories were food & beverage (8%), auto (8%), and financial services (7%).

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