Cyber Monday Tops for Online Retailers

October 27, 2011

marin-conversion-volumes.jpgCyber Monday drove higher online sales volume than Black Friday during the 2010 holiday season, according to [download page] an October 2011 white paper from Marin Software. Results from “The Online Marketer’s Guide for the Holidays” suggest that search marketers rang up more conversions on Cyber Monday than any other day last year.

Shoppers, Not Procrastinators

marin-holiday-conversion-volumes.jpgWhile December was the strongest month for holiday shopping in 2009, in 2010 November delivered 4 of the top 5 shopping days by conversion volume. Cyber Monday took the top spot with 26% conversion volume, followed closely by Black Friday (23%). November 28, November 30, and December 6 rounded up the top five, each with 17%.

Revenue Outpaces Costs

According to Marin’s analysis, increased search volumes and higher keyword prices drove a steady escalation in paid search spend in the days leading up to December 24, 2010, compared to the October baseline. However, the higher costs were more than offset by strong gains in revenue: Marin’s retail customers brought in 52% more revenue in 2010 compared to 2009 on a longitudinal, or same-store-sales basis.

CTR Buoyant with Holiday Spirit

marin-key-search-metrics.jpgClick-through-rates jumped by almost a-third (31%) in December 2010 compared to the October baseline, also increasing by 21% during November. Other key search metrics fared similarly well, as impressions and revenue per click both rose about 25% during the holiday season. By contrast, cost per click’s holiday bump was more muted, at 12%.

Gallup: Holiday Spending Looks Flat or Slightly Up

Americans forecast they will spend $712 on Christmas gifts this year, nearly identical to the $715 they estimated they would spend on Christmas at this time last year, according to data released by Gallup in October 2011. More specifically, Gallup data shows about one-quarter of Americans plan to spend at least $1,000 on gifts, another quarter say they will spend between $500 and $999, and about one-third will spend between $100 and $499. In addition, very few consumers plan to spend less than $100 while 14% are unsure.

About the Data: Marin Software’s analysis is built on its work with over 1000 advertisers who invest more than $2.1 billion a year on search, social and display. To keep findings relevant across industries and budgets, Marin normalized the data and charts to show proportional versus actual values.

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