Online Coupon Users Prove Valuable Customers

October 7, 2011

forrester-purchasing-spending-of-online-coupon-users-oct11.gifVisitors to coupon websites spent 13% more and expect to spend 16% more, on average, than the typical online shopper, according to [pdf] a survey from Forrester Research. Results from “The Impact of Online Coupons and Promotion Codes” indicate. Specifically, visitors to coupon websites indicated spending $1,576 online in the past 12 months, compared to an average of $1,397 for all online shoppers.

In addition, visitors to coupon websites expect to spend an average of $1,651 online in the next 12 months compared to $1,428 for the typical online shopper. Visitors to coupon websites also make 18% more online purchases than the average online shopper. On average, typical shoppers indicated making 11 online purchases in the past six months, compared to visitors to coupon websites who indicated making 13 online purchases in the past six months.

Online Coupons Close the Deal

Visitors to coupon websites are more likely than the average online shopper to be influenced by an online coupon or promotion code. In fact, 88% of visitors to coupon websites versus 78% of all respondents agreed with the statement that coupons “close the deal” for them when they are undecided on a purchase.

Active Online Coupon Users More Brand Receptive

forrester-new-brands-oct-2011.JPGActive online coupon users are almost 1.5 times more likely than light coupon users to try a new brand and/or switch brands — 74% to 54% and 61% to 43%, respectively. This implies that the more shoppers use coupons, the more open they are to trial.

In addition, within the total U.S. online population, 80% of respondents indicated that a company that offers online coupons improves its brand image. In addition, 88% of all respondents said that they had “positive feelings” toward a brand that offers coupons.

While this research bolsters the argument that online coupons and promotion codes in general help, rather than hurt, a company’s brand image, Forrester cautions that research also shows that over-couponing and/or stale promotions can have the effect of tarnishing a company’s brand image..

Online Coupon Use Rises

The usage of online coupons by US consumers is increasing, according to other survey results which indicate 66% of consumers will use online coupons for at least 25% of their purchases in the next 12 months, a 20% increase from 55% who used online coupons for at least 25% of their purchases in the last 12 months. This includes a 19% jump in consumers who will use online coupons for 25-50% of their purchases in the next 12 months (26% to 31%) and a 21% increase in consumers who will use online coupons for 50% or more of their purchases in the next 12 months (29% to 35%).

About the Data: In this study, Forrester surveyed 504 US-based coupon users and interviewed five e-commerce executives from large companies across various industries (clothing and apparel, home and garden, food and entertainment, and travel) who are currently responsible for online couponing to evaluate their perceptions and understanding of the online coupon market. The study began in July 2011 and was completed in August 2011.

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