Radio Listener Growth l Cellular Revenues l Median Rock Share

October 4, 2011

arbitron-radio-numbers-oct-2011.JPGUS radio added more listeners in September 2011 compared to September 2010, according to Arbitron data, with an additional 1.7 million listeners aged 12 and older tuning in during an average week. The number of persons 12 and older listening to radio each week now reaches an estimated 241.4 million, representing 93% of that population.

Arbitron largely attributes the growth in radio listeners to young demographics. As compared to the September 2010 report, the number of teen listeners aged 12 to 17 increased by 36,000 and adults aged 18 to 34 increased by 80,000. Radio now reaches 91.9% of teens aged 12 to 17 and 93.4% of adults aged 18 to 34. The number of radio listeners aged 25 to 54 dropped by 118,000. In addition, the number of radio listeners aged 18 to 49 fell by 365,000.

  • The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) reports communications/cellular as radio’s top revenue category for September 2011 in Q2 2011 with $341 million in revenue. The other categories in the top five are auto dealers/dealer groups/manufacturers ($330 million), restaurants ($317 million), TV/networks/cable providers ($305 million) and beverages ($270 million).
  • The median rock station has a 3.6 share, according to Radio Insights data. This means half the rock stations are higher, half are lower. Comparing the formats of Classic Rock, Mainstream, and Alternative, Classic Rock has a median of 4.2, Mainstream 3.7, and Alternative a 2.9 share. Thus Classic Rock stations tend to out-perform Mainstream stations, and Mainstream stations tend to out-perform Alternative.
  • Radio Research Consortium data indicates that in August 2011, WCVE-FM was first in Metro AQH Persons for the second consecutive survey, WUOM-FM was first in Metro AQH share, WCVE-FM continued to be the Metro Cume Persons leader, WUOM-FM was in first place for Metro Cume rating, and WAMC-FM remained in first place for Total Market Cume Persons, overtaking WVPR-FM.
  • EconomyWatch reports that the US has a total of 4,789 AM radio broadcast stations, 8,961FM radio broadcast stations, and 19 shortwave stations.
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