Social is the Big Focus for Marketers as They Plan for Next Year

August 26, 2011

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Social is an important focus for marketers as they implement their planning for the next twelve months, but many are also doubling down on display, according to a
Bizo survey of 520 marketers.

When asked which marketing channels they planned to increase focus on over the next 12 months, marketers said social was overwhelmingly the most important (65% ) followed by email (46% ) and content marketing (45%).

Interestingly, the role marketers view social as playing is creating awareness, 41%, followed by reinforcement of other campaigns (26%).

A Better Way to Measure

Although an overwhelming majority of respondents said social ranked highest on the priority list over the next 12 months, most have not yet figured out the best measurement techniques. The majority (almost 55%) are still measuring social media marketing campaigns by an increase/decrease in followers. Only 14% have experienced the benefits of tracking or measuring business demographics of their social media audience. However, 63% said they are just getting started or are hoping to get started with this soon.

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