Average American Ups July 4th Spending 12%

June 29, 2011

nrf-shopping-list-july-4-june-2011.JPGThe average US adult having a July Fourth cookout will spend $61.16 this year, up 12% from $54.62 in 2010, according to [pdf] data from the National Retail Federation (NRF) and BIGResearch. Results from the June 2011 “Consumer Intentions and Actions” survey shows the single item with the biggest expected spending increase is charcoal, up about 140% from $3.09 to $7.41.

Conversely, average per person spending on both hamburger and hot dog buns will decline 44%, from $1.96 to $1.09.

Total Cookout Spend to Surpass $2B

nrf-total-spend-july-4-june-2011.JPGBased on per person spending totals, the NRF predicts total July Fourth cookout spending will total a little more than $2.3 billion this year. Assuming four adults per cookout and almost 234.6 million adults attending cookouts, the NRF forecasts there will be almost 37.8 million cookouts in the US on July 4, 2011.

Cookout Top July Fourth Celebration Choice

nrf-july-4-celebration-june-2011.JPGWhen asked how they will celebrate July Fourth this year, the largest percentage of US adults (64.4%) said with a cookout/picnic/barbecue (more than one response allowed). This was followed by fireworks/community celebration (44.7%).

No other means of celebration came close to the levels of popularity of the top two choices. Attending a parade was a distant third (13.2%). About 11% of adults do not plan to celebrate the holiday.

Father’s Day Spending Reaches 8-Yr High

Looking at the most recent major US spending holiday, although seven in 10 (69%) US adults expects to spend the same on Father’s Day this year as last year, Father’s Day (June 19, 2011) spending was expected to reach its highest point in the eight years it has been tracked by the National Retail Federation (NRF) and BIGresearch. Americans were expected to spend an average of $106.49 on Father’s Day, up 13% from $94.32 last year and 17% from $90.89 in 2009, according to the May 2011 NRF Consumer Intentions and Actions Father’s Day survey.

About the Data: The NRF and BIGresearch conducted the June 2011 Consumer Intentions and Actions survey among 8.379 US adults 18 and older from June 8-11, 2011.

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