Slight Majority of Companies Plan More Hiring This Year

May 31, 2011

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dice-hire-more-pros-may-2011.JPGA slight 51% majority of US companies say they anticipate they or their clients (in the case of recruiters) will hire more professionals in the second half of 2011 than the first half, according to a May 2011 survey from Dice Holdings. The largest share of this group (39%) anticipate a slight hiring increase, while 12% anticipate substantial new hiring activity.

Almost Half Hire Outside Home Geography

dice-outside-geography-may-2011.JPGAlmost half (49%) of companies or recruiter clients have started hiring outside their home geographies due to local talent shortages. This is slightly more than the 46% who have not hired outside their home geographies, while 5% are not hiring.

Salaries Trend Up Since Nov. ’10

dice-salary-trend-may-2011.JPGSalaries appear to have trended upward since November 2010, when only 2% of respondents said they were significantly higher than last year. More than twice that figure (5%) say salaries are significantly higher in May 2011. Another 36% say salaries are slightly higher, up one-third from 27% who said so in November.

As in November, the highest percentage of respondents (48%) say salaries are the same since last year, but this is down 13% from six months ago. The percentage saying salaries are slightly less than last year (9%) is down 30% from 13% in November, while the percentage saying salaries are significantly less is almost flat (3% in November, 2% in May).

Number of Expected Hires Stays Flat

dice-how-many-more-may-2011.JPGThe number of professionals companies intend to hire in the remainder of this year has remained essentially flat from November. Slightly lower percentages intend to hire 1-10% more (48% compared to 50%) and 11-20% more (29% compared to 31%), while a slightly higher percentage intends to hire 21-30% more (13% compared to 12%). Beyond this percentage the results are virtually identical, or actually identical in the case of those intending to hire more than 50% more (3%).

Half See Increase in Candidates

dice-increase-candidates-may-2011.JPGA combined half of companies see a significant (18%) or slight (32%) increase in candidates as opposed to six months ago. The total figure is down about 21% from 63% in November. The most significant drop is a 36% reduction in those seeing a significant increase (28% in November).

Global Competition Top Talent Concern

When asked to name their most pressing talent concerns (more than one response allowed), the highest percentage of global business respondents (41%) said competing for talent globally and in emerging markets, according to data collected by Deloitte in October 2010. Findings from “Talent Edge 2020” indicate internal issues followed, with 38% selecting developing leaders and succession planning, and 37% selecting retaining employees at all levels.

About the Data: From May 18 to May 24, 2011, Dice Holdings surveyed US companies, government entities and recruiting firms from every region of the country who hire or recruit a variety of professionals. More than 1,000 responded to the email survey, with 75% identified as companies that recruit for their own needs.

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