60% of Consumers Click on Mobile Ads Once a Week

May 24, 2011

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More than a majority (60%) of mobile users polled by mobile ad network Mojiva say that they click on mobile ads at least one a week. When seeing an ad, half of users indicated that they would play a game, download an application, or visit a Web site after seeing an ad -? but only 22% said they would make a purchase, and only 40% would download a coupon.

The report, Mojiva’s Mobile Audience Guide, which was co-authored with InsightExpress, also found that:

  • Graphic ads were sufficient in capturing attention. Exactly 85% of users deemed ‘normal banner ads,’ ‘video ads,’ ‘ads that let me interact with them,’ or ‘animated banner ads’ as the forms of marketing they would likely pay attention to;
  • Text ads still perform modestly with 13% of users most likely to pay attention; however, only 2% pay attention to expanding screen takeover ads.

Least Effective

The survey also took a look at which categories performed well and which didn’t. Specifically it found that marketing offers related to magazines, social/dating, airlines, traffic and banking had the least effective performance.

“This month’s MAG confirms that mobile marketing performs well when it lines up the services and products that affect people on an everyday basis – what to buy, where to eat, how my team played last night,” said Tony Nethercutt, General Manager of Mojiva.? “In the upfront season, we’re seeing that mobile advertising is part of the conversation for major national brand advertising. Marketers need to keep in mind the customization of messages on mobile devices to better match what people want in their everyday lives.”

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