Mobile Marketing Spend to Sextuple 2010-2015

May 2, 2011

mobitrove-mobile-marketing-spend-trend-2010-2015.gifThe total amount of money spent by US marketers on mobile advertising and promotions will reach about $56.5 billion by 2015, according to [sign-in page] data from Mobitrove. That expected figure is more than six times the almost $9.3 billion US marketers spent on mobile advertising and promotions in 2010.

Mobile Advertising Will Grow in Dominance

mobitrove-us-mobile-advertising-2010.gifMobitrove divides mobile marketing into advertising and promotions (special offers). In 2010, US marketers spent about 2.1 times as much on mobile advertising (almost $6.3 billion) as they did on mobile promotions (about $3 billion).

By 2015, Mobitrove forecasts total US mobile marketing spend will be tilted even more in favor of advertising. Projections indicate mobile advertising spend will reach close to $41 billion, while mobile promotions spend will only total about 15.8 billion. This means marketers will spend about 2.5 times as much on mobile advertising in 2015.

Natl Mobile Ads Draw Dollars

Looking at total US mobile advertising spend in 2010, it becomes clear that last year, marketers focused the vast majority of their dollars on national campaigns. Out of roughly $6.3 billion spent in total, about $5.8 billion was allocated toward national advertising and only about $500 million on local advertising. This means roughly 92% of all mobile advertising dollars were spent at a national level.

Promotions Even More Nationally Focused

mobitrove-us-mobile-promotions-2010.gifTotal US mobile promotional spend in 2010 shows an even more pronounced focus on national, rather than local, campaigns. Almost $2.9 billion of $3 billion was spent on national promotions. This means about 97% of mobile promotional dollars spent in 2010 went toward national campaigns.

Oracle: 3 in 10 Consumers Make Mobile Purchases

Three in 10 (29%) US consumers have made at least one purchase via mobile device, according to a white paper from Oracle and ATG. Data from “Mobile Trends: Consumer Views of Mobile Shopping and Mobile Service Providers” indicates this figure, recorded in December 2010, is 123% more than the 13% of consumers who had made a mobile purchase in November 2009.

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