OOH Ad Revenue Jumps 7% in Q3

December 3, 2010

Out of home (OOH) advertising industry revenue rose 7% in Q3 2010 when compared with the same period in 2009, accounting for $1.44 billion, according to figures released by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA).

Media, Finance Drive Quarterly Increase

kantar-oaaa-expenditures-q3-yoy-2010-dec10.gifThe media and financial segments helped drive the increase. The financial category spending on OOH grew by a third compared to the same period a year ago, from $81.9 million to $109.2 million. The category also grew from eighth place to fifth place in terms of total quarterly revenue.

Meanwhile, the media/advertising segment grew 11.3%, from about $133 million to about $148 million, retaining its second place position. Miscellaneous amusements and services retained the top revenue spot with $238.6 million, up 7.6% from $221.6 million.

Three categories in the top 10 declined in year-over-year quarterly revenue: Communications (-11%, from 119.6 million to $106.4 million), insurance and real estate (-8.7%, from $91.3 million to $83.4 million), and public transportation, hotels and resorts (-6.8%, from $114.2 million to $106.4 million).

In terms of total quarterly revenue, communications fell from third to seventh place, insurance/real estate fell from seventh to eighth place, and public transportation/hotels/resorts fell from fourth to sixth place.

Results for First Three Quarters Similar

kantar-oaaa-expenditures-q1q3-yoy-2010-dec10.gifCombined results for the first three quarters of 2010 (January-September) compared with the same time period in 2009 are generally similar to Q3 results. Miscellaneous amusements and services retained the top revenue spot with $779.1 million, up 4.6% from $774.9 million.
Media and advertising jumped from sixth to second place with $422 million, up a leading 20.6% from $350 million. Financial climbed from eighth to seventh place with $320 million, up 18.8% from $269.2 million.

Four categories experienced a year-over-year revenue decline. Public transportation/hotels/resorts fell from second to third place with $394.2 million, down 4.5% from $412.8 million. Communications fell from third to sixth place with $333.9 million, down 10.4% from $372.4 million. Insurance and real estate fell from seventh to eighth place with $264.3 million, down 12.1% from $300.6 million. And automotive dealers and services fell from ninth to 10th place with $194.8 million, down 5.6% from $206.4 million.

In total, OOH advertising revenues totaled about $4.6 billion from Q1-3 2010, up 3.3% year-over-year.

June Performance Boosts Q2 OOH Ad Performance

Q2 2010 OOH ad revenues in the US totaled $1.88 billion, according to earlier OAAA data. Particularly strong June 2010 performance (up 7.1% from June 2009) helped drive the increase for the entire quarter and served as a positive sign for Q3 2010 results.

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