Teens Choose Reality Over Virtual Reality – Sometimes

July 13, 2007

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Some 58% of teens sacrifice watching TV for going on dates, with web surfing (54%), playing videogames (47%), and listening to music (42%) taking hits as well, according to the Teen Topix survey from OTX (Online Testing eXchange) and partner eCRUSH.

The study surveyed 750 13-17-year-old teens across the country to about their attitudes toward socializing – to assess what’s important to them, their behaviors, and their outlook on life.


Some findings from the study:

  • Teens don’t always select reality over virtual reality. When teens go out on those dates, they’re eschewing free options like cruising (53%) or school events (53%) for the marketing-laden options of movie theaters (87%), malls (64%) and restaurants (58%).
  • When it comes to rules of dating, gender differences become clear: while 66% of all teens say their parents impose dating rules, only 49% of boys are subjected to rules, compared with 83% of girls.
  • As to the rules of attraction, jocks, bad boys, and adventure seekers rule the hearts of today’s teens:
    • 31% of teens said they’re attracted to “jocks” such as Nathan on the CW’s One Tree Hill or Claire on NBC’s Heroes.
    • 30% of girls also prefer “bad boys” like Michael on Fox’s Prison Break.
    • 28% of boys like adventurous women such as Veronica on the CW’s Veronica Mars.

Future Teen Topix studies are scheduled to focus on topics such as a summer movie wrap-up, teen buzz for the new fall TV shows, and holiday shopping plans.

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