Quick-to-Theater Moviegoers More Likely to Buy, Rent DVDs

April 14, 2009

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Americans who rush to theaters to catch the latest movies when they are released are more likely than other moviegoers to buy and rent DVDs of hit movies and TV shows, according to a data analysis from Experian Simmons and PriceGrabber.com.


The research, which examined specific characteristics of moviegoers and their relationship with movie and TV-show DVDs, finds that those who watch new movies on opening weekend or within the first two weeks of theater release have higher index scores and are more likely than average moviegoers (index score = 100) to buy or rent new DVD releases and TV shows. On the other hand, they also are are less likely than the average moviegoer to buy or rent classic or “other” types of movies or shows.

Blockbuster Most Popular for Rental and Purchase of DVDs

The top three places where early moviegoing Americans purchase DVDs are Blockbuster, Target and Best Buy, while their top picks for rental DVDs are Blockbuster, Hollywood Video and Netflix. Experian Simmons finds that moviegoers who watch movies on opening weekend or within the first two weeks of release are more likely to buy DVDs than rent them:


December Sees Most DVD Interest

To discover when movie DVDs are most likely to be purchased, PriceGrabber.com (which offers items for sale through various merchants) performed a three-year trend analysis of the total number of visits its movie section received. This analysis concluded that the movie section yields the most visitors in December when PriceGrabber said consumers are most likely purchasing movies as holiday gifts. However, an all time total visitor high of 12% occurred in January 2008. This, PriceGrabber said, may be the result of consumers delaying December 2007 purchases until after holiday sales.

Romance Least Purchased on DVD

The research also found that the genre preferences of Americans who visit movies within the first two weekends of their release are generally similar regardless of how they watch a movie. However, more comedy, drama and romance movies tend to be watched in theaters, while romance and animation genres are the least purchased on DVD.


Experian Simmons data revealed that the number-one online activity of moviegoers who watch movies after opening weekend and within the first two weeks is looking up movie information, reviews and showtimes.

Additional top online activities of quick-to-the-theater moviegoers:


The research also found that those with higher incomes tend to avoid opening weekends in theaters, Experian Simmons said.


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