Subtitles Lend Staying Power to Online Video

March 26, 2009

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Internet users watch 38% more of an online video if it has subtitles overlaid onto it, according to the results of a trial study by PLYmedia that explored the effect of adding subtitles and closed captions on viewing habits, writes MarketingVOX.

The study found that without subtitles, viewers watched (on average) 66% of a video, compared with 91% of a video with subtitles – an average improvement of 38%.


Findings also reveal that 47% of viewers watched a complete video without subtitles, but that number increased to 84% when subtitles were added. This represents an increase of nearly 80% more people who watched the entire video to completion where subtitles appeared

This is of particular interest to advertisers who run post-roll ads, PLYmedia said.

The trial also showed that viewers watched videos in ‘mute’ significantly more when there were subtitles vs. when watching without subtitles.

The impact of subtitles was most pronounced among Spanish-speaking audiences, who watched nearly 50% more of the video when subtitles were present.

PLYmedia’s closed captioning app converts audio video into text video, opening up additional viewing opportunities for the hearing impaired. It is popular among office workers who want to watch videos (silently) at their desks.

Last month Euclid Media launched a related technology that enables users to monetize streaming videos, letting advertisers insert brand images and ads right into the content itself.

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