Super Bowl Watchers Stay Home, Drink Beer, Laugh at Ads

January 27, 2009

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Most Super Bowl fans watch America’s most popular sporting event from their own home, drink beer during the game, and are most receptive to ads that make them laugh, according to data released by Experian Simmons.

As football fans prepare to watch Super Bowl XLIII in bars and homes across the nation, Experian Simmons released data from its 2008 National Consumer Study/National Hispanic Consumer Study that provides insight into the habits and preferences of Super Bowl watchers.

Following are several key findings from the research.

Where Fans Watch

Of the adults surveyed, only about one-third (32%) of US adults watch the Super Bowl away from home, while the remaining two-thirds (68%) watch from their own home.


What Fans Drink

Experian Simmons finds that examining the drinking habits of frequent NFL-game watchers at home Super-Bowl parties provides insight into the beverage preferences of this segment of Super Bowl viewers.

Of people who frequently watch NFL games on TV during the regular season and also watch the Super Bowl at home, 41% prefer light or low calorie beers, with imported beers (37%) and domestic beers (36%) following closely behind.


Ads Fans Like

Super Bowl watchers are more likely than the general population to say that they like TV commercials that make them laugh. They are also more likely to say that TV is their main source of entertainment, and that ads help them learn about available products. This, Experian Simmons said, makes them prime targets for advertising.


Other Sports that Fans Watch

Super Bowl viewers are far more likely to watch sports events on TV than the general US adult population, the survey found.

Not surprisingly, US adults who watch the Super Bowl watch other sports as well, and they overwhelmingly prefer football. Top sports watched include regular-season NFL games and regular-season and post-season college football games.


MajorLeague Baseball post-season games, and Major League Baseball regular games are the next two most frequently viewed sports.

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