Spanish-Language TV Networks’ Ads Most Trusted By Viewers

April 4, 2017

Almost half of Spanish-language network viewers (48%) strongly trust the ads on those networks, according to a newly-released GfK survey of roughly 10,000 US adults. Spanish-language networks netted far more trust in their advertising than other network categories, including news (31%) and kids & family (31%) networks. Sports (23%) and broadcast (18%) garnered a smaller share of viewers who felt the same.

The relatively high numbers of Spanish-language TV viewers who strongly trust ads on those networks is interesting in light of findings from another recent study, in which Hispanics were above-average in their likelihood to trust advertising.

Meanwhile, the GfK study also revealed that viewers using digital devices to stream content had higher levels of trust in ads for most of the categories, as did those who own internet-connected devices.

While Spanish-language networks had the highest percentage of viewers who strongly trusted the ads, felt a sense of community and kept them fully engaged, news networks came out on top with more viewers who trusted the networks themselves and felt they reflected personal values. Notably, TV news appear to be more trusted than online sources, although another report illustrates historically low levels of trust in mass media.

About the Data:  GfK MRI’s annual Network Affinity research conducted an online survey of about 10,000 nationally representative respondents. Data has been fused to GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer for full profiling.

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