Hispanics to Buy More Electronics than Others, More Influenced by TV & Internet

July 30, 2008

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US Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanics to buy consumer electronics in the next year, according to (pdf) the Customer Focus Opiniones study from Vertis Communications. Some 28% say they will purchase a large-screen or HD TV set in the next 12 months, compared with 23% of all US respondents.

More Hispanics also plan to buy a laptop or notebook computer, with 22% saying so, compared with 18% of all US respondents.

The annual survey of 500 adult Hispanics also shows they are also more likely to buy more portable and gaming electronics items in 2008 than all US respondents:

  • Digital cameras: 21% vs. 18 %
  • Video gaming system: 21% vs. 12%
  • MP3 player: 19% vs. 12%
  • Advanced cell phone: 19% vs. 13%
  • Digital cameras: 21% vs. 18 %
  • Video gaming system: 21% vs. 12%
  • MP3 player: 19% vs. 12%
  • Advanced cell phone: 19% vs. 13%


Hispanics Influenced by Multiple Media

Asked about media that most influence their buying decisions, 23% of Hispanic respondents (vs. 19% of all respondents) say television advertising is most influential in their purchase decisions.

Advertising inserts and circulars are chosen as most influential by 20% (vs. 27% of non-Hispanics), while 13% select internet marketing (vs. 9% of all respondents).


Older Hispanics Are Online and Outside

Additional findings show Hispanics age 50 and older read billboards more and are more internet savvy than their non-Hispanic counterparts:

  • 21% of Hispanics 50 and older say they paid attention to internet advertising over the course of the previous seven days, compared with just 15% of all US adults the same age.
  • 21% of older Hispanics pay attention to billboards, vs. 15% of all older US older adults.


Older Hispanics Go Online before In-Store

Some 42% of Hispanics older than 50 research products online prior to purchase, compared with 38% of all US respondents the same age; moreover, 31% of Hispanics in this same age group research products online and then buy or pick up goods at the store (vs. 29% overall).


Electronics and Clothes Most Researched

The survey also found that Hispanics with online access conduct the most internet research on electronics and clothing:

  • 62% of Hispanics with internet access indicate they research home electronics online prior to purchase vs. 59% of all US respondents with internet access.
  • 38% of online Hispanics say that they research clothes online before buying them, vs. 30% of all online US respondents.


“Hispanics are increasingly becoming more reliant on the internet and other forms of technologically advanced marketing – including cell phone and email campaigns – to gather information on products prior to making buying decisions,” said Scott Marden, director of marketing research for Vertis Communications.

Hispanic consumers are best reached through multi-channel marketing, he added.

About the survey: Customer Focus Opiniones is an annual telephone survey of 500 Hispanic adults designed to track consumer behavior across a wide variety of industry segments – retail, grocery, home improvement, fashion, home electronics, sporting goods, furniture, technology, auto aftermarket, financial – and media such as direct mail marketing. The survey was first conducted in 2006. This survey was conducted in August/September 2007.

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