US TV Multitasking Behavior, by Generation

April 27, 2015

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Deloitte-TV-Multitasking-Behavior-by-Generation-Apr2015Source: Deloitte [pdf]

    Notes: 9 in 10 Americans age 14 and older claim to always or almost always multitask while watching TV, up from 81% a couple of years ago, per Deloitte’s latest Digital Democracy survey. In fact, 96% of Leading Millennials (26-31) are now regularly multitasking while watching TV, with their most common activities being browsing the web (45%) and text messaging (41%). Among the youngest crowd (14-25), 94% of whom at least almost always multitask, text messaging (53%) and using a social network (47%) are the most common activities.

    Meanwhile, 1 in 5 respondents report almost always browsing for products and services online, with this behavior most common among the 26-31 bracket (30%).

    Overall, respondents estimated that only 22% of their multitasking activities on average are directly related to the program they are watching, with this figure highest among trailing (25%) and leading (28%) Millennials.

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        About the Data: The results are based on an online survey fielded by an independent research firm from 11/3/2014 to 11/19/2014 among 2,076 US consumers. All data is weighted back to the most recent census data to give a representative view of what US consumers are doing.

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