Kids, Teens Consume More Online Video than Adults (at Home)

June 9, 2008

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Per person, kids consumed more video streams than those over 18 and spent more time watching online video from home in April, according to (pdf) Nielsen Online: Kids 2-11 viewed 51 streams and 118 minutes per person; teens 12-17 viewed 74 streams and 132 minute.


Those over 18 viewed, on average, 44 streams and 99 minutes of online video, Nielsen Online said.

Below, additional findings issued by Nielsen.

Kids’ Top 10 Online Video Destinations – by Composition

Kids’ online-video interests mirror their offline interests. Younger children gravitate toward sites associated with well-known children’s toys and TV programming, while teens go online to watch music videos, movie trailers and clips of other visitors.

Disney Records led online video destinations among kids 2-11 when ranked by unique viewer composition percentage, with 50% (i.e., half of the site’s unique viewers were age 2-11); and MyePets followed with 48% each:


Stickam was the top online video destination among teens 12-17, with 44%, followed by and Atlantic Records, with 43% each.

“Today’s youth don’t know – or don’t remember – a time when they weren’t going online, so their adoption of online video has been seamless,” said Michael Pond, senior media analyst, Nielsen Online.

“The Web provides another platform for their interest in TV shows, toys, movies and music, and offers an interactive element that children especially enjoy. Among the top sites for the younger demographic we see publishers that are integrating video into games, music and other content to drive engagement with this multi-media generation,” Pond added.

Kids’ Top 10 Online Video Destinations – by Audience Size

YouTube was by far the most-popular video side among kids 2-11 as well as teens-12-17 in April, but there little overlap otherwise among the two age groups’ preferred sites:


The Disney Channel and Google Video sites were the only other ones to make both top 10 lists.

Overall Video Consumption (All Ages, at Home?Work)

Nielsen Online also released April 2008 US topline VideoCensus Results, including overall video usage (i.e., all ages).

Both unique viewers and total streams increased in April from the previous month (3.7% and 9.3%, respectively), as did streams per viewer and time per viewer (5.3% and 4.0%):


The top video-stream brand was YouTube in April, followed by Fox Interactive Media and Yahoo:


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