US Pay-TV Penetration Rates, 2010-2014

September 4, 2014

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LRG-Pay-TV-Penetration-2010-2014-Sept2014Source: Leichtman Research Group (LRG)

Notes: Some 84% of US households subscribe to a form of pay-TV service, down from a peak of 89% in 2010, per LRG, with the penetration rate decline mostly attributed to an increase in occupied housing with no concurrent increase in the number of pay-TV subscribers, which has remained relatively flat. Notably, the percentage of non-subscribers citing the internet or Netflix as their main reason for not subscribing has grown from 3% in 2009 to 11% this year. Meanwhile, non-subscriber rates are higher than average among TV households with annual incomes less than $50,000 (22%) and among those who have moved in the past year (22%).

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About the Data: The data is based on a telephone survey of 1,260 households from throughout the US.

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