DVR Owners Still Not Paying Attention to Ads – Moms More so

May 12, 2008

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DVR owners say they generally ignore commercials on TV and the web, although they tend to watch more TV than viewers on average – and American mothers may be the biggest ad-skippers, according to a couple of new surveys (via Adweek).

About 35% of DVR owners say they at least occasionally pay attention to ads on TV, but only 9% of them say so about ads viewed online, a survey of 500 online consumers by Google’s DoubleClick Performics found. Some 38% outright say they pay less attention to online ads.

Moms apparently pay even less attention that most: More than 9 in 10 American moms – 91% – report not watching commercials when watching programs via their DVRs, according to a MindShare survey of some 600 online moms’ media usage.

Among the Performics survey findings:

  • Half of DVR owners say they’ve watched at least one TV program online, and some 22% say they are willing to watch more TV programming online. However, just 8% say they’ve viewed programming monthly – and 4% say weekly.
  • Over 50% say they “always” fast-forward through commercials; 36% say they do so at least three-quarters of the time.
  • Some 85% say since getting their DVRs they watch fewer commercials.
  • Though 42% say TV ads make the most impression on viewers, only 3% say so about online banner ads and search links.

Among the findings of Mindshare’s survey of US moms:

  • The top “me-time” (personal downtime) activity among moms is reading, followed by going online and watching TV. 56% say “me time” was most likely in the late evening.
  • Among DVR users, the most commonly recorded program genres are movies (71%), children’s shows (54%) and dramas (31%). Just 23% say they use video-on-demand.
  • The top 3 “entertainment media” for moms with kids age 3+ are TV, email, and word-of-mouth. For those with younger children, word-of-mouth is first, followed by TV and email.
  • About 60% of moms say they email “very often,” compared with 28% who say they watch TV frequently.
  • Three of the top 5 information sources are online: internet news and research (first); email (third) and internet transactions (fifth); talking to friends and family is second, and the daily newspaper is fourth.
  • Non-working mothers report the highest levels of email, general research and transactions; part-time working moms report the least usage.
  • A full 10% of moms are regular gamers, about one-third of whom play daily.
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