Digital Media in Bars Have Significant Impact on Ad-Averse Young Adults

April 4, 2008

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Out-of-home, bar-based digital networks are an effective and efficient way for advertisers to counter growing ad-skipping and TV-commercial avoidance among adults age 21-34, according to a new national survey.

An overwhelming majority – some 78% – of bar visitors surveyed could recall at least one of four advertisers that ran ads on bar-based digital screens and billboards, according to the Zoom Media & Marketing survey administered by Arbitron.

Bar visitors not only see ads on the digital screens but often remember the advertisers as well: Brand aided recall ranged from 37% to 53%.

Moreover, consumers who were exposed to the advertising were much more likely to consider certain brands as category leaders. For example, when asked what they thought the top new videogames were, twice as many people were likely to answer Assassin’s Creed – one of the commercials used in the survey – compared with people not exposed to the ad.

“The bottom line is that when you combine these recall rates with the ability to significantly increase brand awareness, it’s a one-two punch for advertisers looking to break though the barriers in terms of reaching this audience,” said Lee Levitz, vice-president of marketing at Zoom Media & Marketing.

Additional findings:

  • 40% of the people polled said they frequented bars over 10 times a month. Zoom estimates actual time spent in bars and clubs averages 2.5 hours per visit.
  • The polled audience was overwhelmingly composed of consumers who are early adopters of new products and services, as well as influencers among their peers and family:
    • Over 79% of those interviewed said their friends and family seek them out for advice on new products and services.
    • 87% indicated that they actively recommend new products to others.
    • 93% said that their advice influences the consumer habits of others.

Zoom Media & Marketing recently announced an agreement to acquire Alloy’s Insite Advertising business, which consists of media frames in restaurants, bars, and nightclubs throughout the United States.

About the study: Arbitron conducted in-person surveys with 530 randomly selected patrons aged 21 or older who had been in the test bars at least one hour. The study was conducted at 8 bars located in New York and Los Angeles. Four of the bars contained Zoom Social Network displays and ran the test campaigns for Saab, Visit London, Stride Gum, and Assassin’s Creed video game. The other four bars did not run these campaigns and functioned as our control group. A $5 cash incentive was awarded to respondents at the end of the interview. The surveys were fielded from 6pm-12am on January 17, 18 and 19. Recall rates were determined by asking bar goers in the test locations what advertisements they remembered seeing on digital signage. Lift was determined by asking bar goers in the test and control locations to name the top three brands that come to mind in the advertiser’s categories. Responses from the test and control groups were then compared to determine percentage lift in top of mind awareness.

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