Online Video in High Demand – In-Stream Ads Not So Much

March 7, 2008

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Some 72% of online respondents to a Burst Media?survey?said?they view online video, with men more likely than women to say so – 76.6% versus 67.7%. In each age segment, most said they watch online videos, including 58.6% of those 65+.

Among the survey findings:

  • Some 58.8% say they view online video at least once a week, with men significantly more likely than women to say so: 67.6% versus 49.4%.
    • Males 18-34 view the most online video content: 74.0% say they view online video at least once a week.
    • Fully one-third of men age 18-24 watch online video content daily.


  • News clips are the most popular type of online video content, cited by 44.4% of respondents.
    • Music (37.5%), comedy (35.5%), movie trailers/advertising (33.7%), TV shows/clips (33.1%) follow.
    • Next are entertainment news/reviews (29.9 %), sports/sports news (21.8%), instructional/how-to videos (19.2%), home/user-generated video (15.4%), political videos (15.3%), and cooking video (9.0%).
  • The type of online video watched varies significantly by age:
    • Among those age 18-24, 53.1% say they seek it out music videos, followed by comedy (46.9%), TV show video/clips (44.4%), and movie trailers/advertising (43.0%).
    • Entertainment is the most popular among respondents age 25-34 as well.
    • For those age 35+ news is the most popular.
  • More than half of online video viewers (53.6%) recall seeing in-stream (pre-, mid-, post-roll) ads in content they’ve watched. The youngest and oldest segments have the lowest recall.
  • Half of respondents (50.7%) say they stop watching an online video when they encounter an in-stream advertisement; 43.2% say they watch the ad and the remaining video content.


  • Nearly 8 in 10 (78.4%) say in-stream advertisements in online video are intrusive, and 50.4% say such ads disrupt their web-surfing experience.
  • Half (49.7%) of respondents say an in-stream ad makes them less likely to view other video content they may encounter online.
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