52-Week TV Season Right Model – ‘TV and Everything Video Forum’

March 6, 2008

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The 52-week TV season is the right model going forward, according to 79% of surveyed marketers, agency execs and media reps among those attending the Association of National Advertisers “TV and Everything Video Forum” at the end of February, the ANA said.

Just 21% of respondents said networks should stick to a traditional fall kickoff.

Among other noteworthy results:

  • 55% of respondents said branded products in movies and television shows enhance the overall brand image.
    • 34% said branded products can appear forced, or too “commercial.”
    • The remaining 11% said this marketing strategy has no image impact.
  • The respondents were split when discussing the timeframe of when brand-specific commercial ratings would become a reality:
    • 42% said it would happen in 1-3 years.
    • 43% said it would be more than three years out.
    • 5% said the industry is within one year of having brand-specific commercial ratings.
    • 9% of respondents said it would never become a reality.
  • 53% of respondents said their preferred way of watching their favorite TV program in five years will be “recorded through DVR”:
    • 22% said it would be watching in real-time.
    • 14% said it would be downloaded onto a personal viewing device.
    • 11% said it would be online, through the computer.
  • 54% of client-side marketers polled said online video advertising is already a part of their media mix. Another 30% said it would be part of their mix within one year.

About the data: The audience at the “TV and Everything Video Forum,” comprising over 500 marketers, agency executives and media representatives, used handheld polling devices to respond to questions on a variety of topics throughout the day on Feb. 28.

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