Marketers Bullish on Mobile, Digital and…. Cable TV

September 27, 2013

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AdvertiserPerceptions-Spending-Plans-by-Medium-Sept2013It probably comes as a surprise to no-one that marketers and agencies are optimistic about future spending on online and mobile advertising – after all, spending has been growing rapidly across these channels. But newly-released survey data from Advertiser Perceptions shows that enthusiasm for cable TV spending is also high, with the share of respondents saying they plan to increase ad spending on cable TV outweighing the share indicating they’ll decrease spending by 26% points for marketers and 18% points for agencies.

Those net positive benchmarks represent overall levels of optimism, according to the researcher. While cable TV trails mobile (+56% points for marketers; +65% points for agencies) and digital (+44% points for marketers; +48% points for agencies) by a fair margin, it’s the obvious outlier among the traditional media considered in the survey.

Broadcast TV, for example, scored a +7% point difference among marketers and a -2% point difference among agencies.

Marketers and agencies may be following consumers’ lead. According to a recent survey from Harris Interactive, 57% of US adult TV viewers agree that the shows on cable TV are better than network TV shows, and an equal percentage strongly (28%) or somewhat (29%) agree that they find themselves watching more and more cable and less network TV.

Meanwhile, a recent MarketingCharts analysis of TV ad spending found that despite trailing network TV last year, cable TV ad spending grew faster during the first half of this year.

Returning to the Advertiser Perceptions survey, the results indicate that respondents – particularly agencies – are (not surprisingly) pessimistic about future spending levels on print. Specifically:

  • The share of marketers planning to decrease spending on magazine ads outweighed the share planning to increase spend by 3% points, while the difference for agencies is a much more emphatic -28% points; and
  • Both marketers (-10% points) and agencies (-30% points) are more likely to be expecting a decrease than an increase in national newspaper ad spending.

While that’s bad news for print, the overall picture is brighter, as the majority of advertisers responding to the survey said they are planning to increase or maintain their combined ad spending on mobile, digital, TV and print over the next year.

About the Data: The data is based on a survey of roughly 1,600 advertisers conducted during Spring 2013.

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