Why Click On A Smart TV Ad?

September 10, 2013

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YuMeLGNielsen-Reasons-Clicking-Smart-TV-Ad-Sept2013Smart TV ads are quite effective, with full package ad buys potentially outperforming traditional TV on several advertising and brand metrics. So say YuMe and LG in a new study [download page] conducted by Nielsen among a small pilot group of US participants. In a larger follow-up survey of smart TV users in the US, the researchers examine the reasons given for clicking on a smart TV ad. Not surprisingly, most said it was because they were interested in the advertised product or brand. (So, essentially, they click on a smart TV ad for the same reason most consumers would click on an online ad.)

Next up, respondents were equally likely to have clicked on a smart TV ad because it offered a deal (discount/coupon) as they were to have clicked one because it was informative. (For what it’s worth, recent research from Latitude suggest that when it comes to next-generation advertising, the most sought-after creative element from consumers is…. deals!)

Relevance popped up as one of the key reasons for clicking on a smart TV ad, and separate survey results confirm the importance of relevance for advertising response. 42% agreed that they are “much more accepting of ads on my Smart TV when they are relevant to me,” while 17% have not clicked on smart TV ads because they advertise products not relevant to them.

The most common advantage of a smart TV ad, according to smart TV users, was that it was more convenient to watch due to its big screen (45% share).

The study also reveals that two-thirds of respondents who had clicked on an ad took some form of action. The most common actions were searching more information on the product or brand on the internet, and considering buying the product. About 1 in 8 who had clicked on an ad claimed to have purchased the product right away.

About the Data: The online survey of smart TV users was conducted nationwide among 400 respondents.

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