Americans More Connected Online and Quite Ad-Tolerant

December 28, 2007

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Within the span of eight months, the use of online and mobile devices for entertainment has rocketed among online US consumers, according to the second edition of the “State of Media Democracy” new-media survey from Deloitte & Touche, reports Reuters.

About 38% of consumers are now watching TV shows online, compared with 23% eight months ago, according to the study.

And some 54% said they use social-networking sites, chat rooms or message board; in addition, 45% said they have a profile on a social-networking site.

The report of the online survey of 2,081 US consumers, conducted Oct. 25-31, is slated for release in Jan. 2008. Deloitte apparently provided the findings early to The Hollywood Reporter, which reported some results today:

Among the study’s findings related to advertising…

  • 85% cited TV advertising as among the types having the most impact on purchase behavior; 65% cited online ads; and 63% pointed to magazine ads.
  • However, 59% said they pay greater attention to magazine ads – and 55% cited newspaper ads – than any type of internet advertising.
  • Online, search ads were cited as the most effective (78%), followed by interactive ads (62%), banner ads (60%), pre-rolls (31%) and post-rolls (19%).
  • 67% said they would be willing to be exposed to more online ads in return for free content that’s valuable.
  • However, 37% said they would rather pay for online content than be exposed to advertisements.
  • 65% said they consider any type of internet ad more intrusive than newspaper and magazine ads.

Among the findings related to cell phones…

  • Some 36% now use their mobile phones as entertainment devices, compared with 24% eight months ago (study conducted Feb. 23 to March 6)  – an increase of 50%.
  • Among millenials (consumers 13-24-years-old), the proportion is 62%, up from 46% in the previous study.
  • Among Gen Xers (25-41-year-olds), the proportion increased to 47% from 29%.
  • About 20% of US consumers said they view video content on cell phones daily or almost daily.

Among the findings related to user-generated content…

  • 45% of US consumers said they are creating online content (websites, music, videos and blogs) for others.
  • Some 54% said they are making their own entertainment content through editing photos, videos or music.
  • 69% said they are watching or listening to consumer-generated content.

(Also see the MarketingCharts coverage of findings from the first edition of the Deloitte “State of Media Democracy” study).

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