1 in 5 Americans Say They’ve Used a QR Code

January 23, 2013

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PitneyBowes-QR-Code-Usage-by-Country-Jan201319% of American consumers have used a QR code, per results [pdf] from a Pitney Bowes survey released this month. Of the 4 countries analyzed by the study, the US ranked first in QR code use, ahead of the UK (15%), Germany (14%), and France (12%). While on average, 15% of consumers across those countries report having used a QR code, that percentage rises to 27% among 18-34-year-olds.

Looking at where these QR codes are most often captured, the report reveals that magazines (at 15% of the total sample) are first, followed by mail (13%) packaging (13%), posters (10%), websites (8%), email (5%), and TV (4%).

Those figures are much higher when looking at younger demographics. For example, in the US, 39% of 18-24-year-olds have captured a QR code in a magazine, and 38% on a piece of mail. The numbers are similarly high for 25-34-year-olds (36% for each source). That aligns with various studies finding QR code users to skew young, although beginning to trend older.

About the Data: The data is based on a Pitney Bowes survey of 2,000 consumers in the US and 1,000 in France, Germany, and the UK respectively.

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