9 in 10 Viewers Share Mobile Video Content

December 14, 2012

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Mobile video viewers are happy to share content, finds the IAB [pdf] in a new study conducted by On Device Research. The study tracked 200 smartphone and feature phone users over 2 weeks through detailed “day in the life” diaries, and surveyed them both pre- and post-diaries. 92% shared video content with others (49% at least weekly), with social media posts (56%) being the primary way of sharing, and humorous short clips and music videos the most likely to be shared.

The study finds that 55% of videos were watched using a mobile application, and 41% via the mobile web. (The remainder were unsure.)

Most Mobile Video Usage Occurs At Home, At Night

The “Mobile Phone Video Diaries” study examines the behavior of mobile video viewers, a growing segment of the population, finding that 63% of viewing takes place in the home, a result that aligns with earlier research from AOL and BBDO finding that 68% of consumer mobile phone use occurs in the home. The rest of mobile video viewing takes place while traveling, commuting or otherwise on-the-go (11%), at work (10%), and at someone else’s house (10%).

The IAB research also finds that mobile phone video usage increases throughout the day, hitting a peak in the early evening before dropping again in the later evening hours.

22% of Mobile Video Viewing Occurs Alongside TV

Studies have shown that TV is increasingly becoming part of a multi-device experience, and the IAB research indicates that mobile video viewing also occurs in tandem with other activities. 46% of the total video interactions that took place did so while the respondent was also using or looking at other media. That multitasking primarily took place with the TV (22%), but also took place alongside desktops or laptops (10%), while speaking on the phone (6%), or while using a tablet (6%).

Viewers Generally Tolerate Ads, But Aren’t Welcoming

The IAB report shows that a significant proportion (44%) of mobile video encounters included a mobile ad. And while respondents were generally tolerant of those ads, many were less welcoming. Asked how they felt about ads that feature while watching videos on their device, 23% said they liked them a little (11%) or a lot (12%), while an additional 30% were neutral. But, 46% disliked them somewhat (23%) or a lot (23%). That data can be interpreted 2 ways: either that 56% were neutral or receptive to advertising; or that twice as many respondents disliked the ads as liked them.

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