14% of US TV Households HDTV-Capable; Media Universe Estimates Issued

November 1, 2007

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Some 13.7% of US television households are equipped with a high definition (HD) television and HD tuner capable of receiving HD signals (HD Capable), and 11.3% are equipped with an HD TV and HD tuner and actually receive an HD network or station (HD Receivable), according to Nielsen.

Among the data issued by Nielsen:

  • Los Angeles has the highest penetration of HD Capable homes (20.4%), and New York has the highest penetration of HD Receivable homes (17.5%).
  • Among US Hispanic or Latino households, 10.4% are HD Capable and 8.2% are HD Receivable.
  • Among African-American households, 8.1% are HD Capable and 6.9% are HD Receivable.

The following table displays the HDTV household estimates for the total US and local People Meter markets:


Nielsen also released media-related household estimates for its 210 local television markets (also called Designated Market Areas, or DMAs).

The DMA media-related household estimates include Cable, Digital Cable, Cable and/or ADS, ADS, DBS, 2+ Operable Sets, VCR, DVD and DVR. A sampling of the VCR/DVD/DVR data:


A file of Nielsen’s media-relate household estimates (Excel) is available for download.

About the data: Nielsen’s HDTV household estimates are based on Nielsen samples and are updated four times a year. They are based on in-home collection by Nielsen’s Field staff in metered samples and are currently limited to National and Local People Meter samples. Nielsen plans to release HDTV household estimates for the remaining Area Probability Set-Meter markets in February 2008.

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