Twitter Dominates Social TV Landscape

March 21, 2012

trendrr-social-tv-activity-by-source-in-feb-2012-mar2012.jpgTwitter is by far the leading source of social TV activity, according to Trendrr.TV analysis released in March 2012. Examining the share of social activity in February across four key sources (Twitter, Facebook, GetGlue, and Miso), Trendrr found that Twitter dominated the social activity occurring around broadcast TV, at 85%, compared to 7% for Facebook, and 8% for GetGlue. Even so, Trendrr insight notes that Twitter sees huge spikes during the largest events, and that on a selected day in February (February 3), it made up just 38% of conversation, compared to 35% for GetGlue.

Twitter was less influential on cable, although it remained the leader with 64% of activity, followed by Facebook (23%) and GetGlue (13%).

Series Get Most Tweets, but Sports Fans Most Active

Meanwhile, according to SocialGuide Intelligence data, as reported by Adweek, TV series drive the most Twitter comments about TV, although sports events also see a large share. Looking at tweets related to 213 channels over a 2-day period, SocialGuide found that series represented more than half of comments, although sports events accounted for 37%, even though they represented just 3% of program volume. Reality TV was the most active of the different shows by genre, at 19% of all comments.

Majority of Social TV Sentiment Positive

trendrr-social-tv-sentiment-infeb-2012-mar2012.jpgThe Trendrr data shows that the overall mood of broadcast and cable TV audiences was positive in February, at least when measured by social media chatter. Using natural-language processing to look at programming and social media conversation in February, Trendrr.TV found that 57% of social media conversation about broadcast TV was positive, compared to 24% that was negative and 19% neutral. Sentiment was similar for cable TV, with 55% of conversation positive, compared to 23% negative and 22% neutral.

Overall, CBS had the highest share of voice among broadcast networks, at 31.2%, followed by ABC (24%), FOX (19.8%), NBC (12.7%), and the CW (9%). Among cable networks, CNN was tops at 12.9%, followed by MTV (12.77%), Nickelodeon (9.45%), TNT (6.42%), an Comedy Central (5.48%).

Most Activity on Sunday; Least on Saturday

Data from the report indicates that Sunday was the leading day for social TV activity on broadcast, driven by the Super Bowl, the Grammy’s, and the Oscars. Monday trailed relatively distantly, but was closely followed by activity on Thursday. Saturday experienced by far the least activity.

Sunday was also the hottest day for social TV, driven by conversation around The Walking Dead. Indeed, Nielsen ranked the show tops among all cable TV programs for ratings during the weeks ending March 5 and February 27.

Meanwhile, Mondays and Tuesdays followed Sundays as the days with the most social activity, with Saturday again experiencing the least activity.

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