Republican Voters Highly Engaged With News/Talk/Info Radio

March 8, 2012

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scarborough-republican-radio-formats-mar-2012.jpgRepublican voters are 34% more likely than all Americans to listen to news/talk/information radio formats (28% vs. 21%), according to [pdf] an infographic released in March 2012 by Scarborough Research. This is supported by a separate report released in March by Arbitron and conducted by Scarborough Research, which found that the news/talk/information format has the second-highest percentage of Republican listeners among popular formats, at 44%, trailing only religious formats (46%).

Country, Rock Formats Skew Republican

Other radio formats that Scarborough found Republican voters more likely to listen to than the general population include country (28% vs. 24%), adult contemporary (26% vs. 25%), classic hits (17% vs. 15%), and classic rock (15% vs. 14%). The Arbitron report also indicates that country music skews more Republican than Democrat, with 41% of its listeners identifying themselves as Republican, compared to 32% who identify themselves as Democrats. Somewhat surprisingly, with the exception of alternative rock, all rock-oriented radio formats, including classic rock, attract more Republicans than Democrats.

Radio Population Roughly Mirrors Political Landscape

arbitron-radio-listeners-political-preferences-mar2012.jpgOverall, 38% of radio listeners aged 18 and older identified themselves as Democrats (28% identified themselves as Democrats and 10% identified themselves as Independents who lean Democrat). 35% self-identified as Republicans (25% identified themselves as Republicans and 10% identified themselves as Independents who lean Republican). 10% of adults identified themselves as Independent without leaning either Republican or Democrat and 18% did not identify themselves as Democrat, Republican or Independent.

Other Findings:

  • According to the Scarborough Research study, Republican voters are 6% more likely than the general population to read the local news section of a newspaper (56% vs. 53%), 10% more likely to read the sports section (43% vs. 39%), and 8% more likely to read the international/national news section (40% vs. 37%).
  • Roughly half of Republican voters watch their evening local news. They are 19% more likely than the population overall to watch national/network news (29% vs. 25%), and 15% more likely to watch sports (46% vs. 40%).
  • Data from the Arbitron report indicates that all urban and Spanish-language radio formats attract a significantly higher number of Democrats than Republicans. Gospel (64%) and urban adult contemporary (61%) have the highest Democratic listener base.
  • More than 60% of listeners of album adult alternative, classic rock, and urban adult contemporary formats characterize themselves as frequent voters.

About the Data: The Scarborough Research data on Republican voters is from Scarborough USA+, Release 2 2011. Scarborough measures 210,000 adults aged 18+ annually across a wide variety of media, lifestyle, shopping and demographic categories. Arbitron conducted its study by tapping in to its sister company, Scarborough Research’s, Scarborough USA+ database, which features a statistical representation of the entire country, including the areas that are not in Scarborough markets. The study, conducted from Fall 2010 to Fall 2011 with 208,274 respondents (adults aged 18 and older), looked at party identification, voter registration status and how frequently the respondent votes.

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