Apple Has Best Corporate Reputation, ABC Top Media Brand

February 15, 2012

harris-corp-reputations-feb-2012.jpgApple has the best corporate reputation in America among its most visible companies, according to [pdf] the latest Harris Poll Reputation Quotient (RQ) study, released in February 2012. Measuring 6 dimensions that comprise reputation and influence consumer behavior, Apple emerged with the highest overall score (85.6) in the history of the study, surpassing Google, last year’s winner, which fell from a score 84 to 82.8. Meanwhile, according to Advertiser Perceptions, ABC ranked as 2011’s highest rated media brand for advertisers, also taking the top position among broadcast TV channels for brand strength and sales knowledge.

Although Google lost out to Apple this year in the Harris poll, it outranked Facebook in a Clear survey also released in February 2012. Data from that survey indicates that Google ranked 2nd in the table of the world’s most desirable brands, far ahead of Facebook, which took the #38 ranking. In fact, 58% of consumers around the world rated Google as a brand they respect, compared to just 31% who felt that way about Facebook.

Number of Cos With Excellent Reputation Halves

Meanwhile, the number of companies with a Harris RQ score of 80 or higher, considered excellent, halved in 2012, falling from 16 to 8. Coke took the third ranking overall after Apple and Google, with a score of 82, with (81.9) and Kraft Foods (81.6) rounding out the top 5. The other companies to achieve an excellent ranking were The Walt Disney Company (81.3), Johnson & Johnson (80.5), and Whole Foods (80.1).

Facebook Has Best Digital Brand Strength

Facebook may have lost out to Google in terms of consumer perception, but it ranks best in advertiser perception, taking the top position among the more than 200 websites and portals measured for brand strength, according to the Advertiser Perceptions survey. Among the other categories for digital brands, advertisers voted best for sales knowledge, Yelp best for customer service; and best for advertiser satisfaction.

Other Findings:

  • Among print companies, People took top honors for brand strength, while Real Simple was chosen for sales knowledge, Food and Wine for customer service, and Sports Illustrated for Advertiser Satisfaction.
  • Advertisers voted YouTube the top mobile website or portal for brand strength, while NFL ranked best for sales knowledge, CNN for customer service, and The Weather Channel for advertiser satisfaction.
  • Google Display Network was rated the best ad network for brand strength for the second year running. YuMe was the top-rated ad network for advertiser satisfaction, Collective took top billing for sales knowledge, and Specific Media was voted best for customer service.
  • Among cable TV companies, ESPN took top honors for brand strength, HGTV won the sales knowledge category, Food Network was seen best for customer service, and Comedy Central won in advertiser satisfaction.

About the Data: The Harris RQ Ratings Phase took place from December 2-19, 2011. 74 companies were measured through 12,961 interviews of the general public. The Advertiser Perceptions results are based on surveys of thousands of leading advertisers (agencies and marketers) in the US. The Clear results are based on interviews of 22,000 people around the world.

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