1 in 5 Mobile Users Watched Super Bowl TV Ad Again on Device

February 8, 2012

inmobi-super-bowl-mobile-activities.jpg22% of mobile owners used their device during the Super Bowl to watch a TV ad again, while 17% searched for more information about a product they saw advertised, according to a February 2012 survey from InMobi. Users performed a number of other activities directly related to the game or commercials, including downloading a Super Bowl application (27%), discussing the game (23%), and discussing commercials (16%).

The most popular activity among users, though, was to play games, check email, or surf the internet (61%).

3 in 10 Spend Over An Hour

29% of respondents said they spent at least an hour on their mobile device during the Super Bowl, including 18% who said they spent more than 3 hours. A further 30% spent between 15 minutes and an hour on their device.

30% said they used their mobile devices the most during commercials, while nearly twice as many respondents used their device during the first half of the game than during the second half.

Mobile Search Results Impressive

Analysis from Google also shows that mobile users were active during the Super Bowl. According to its data, although Google searches were predominantly made on a desktop, roughly 41% of searches related to Super Bowl ads that were made during the game came from mobile devices, up from 25% for the same time the previous day.

Car Companies Rewarded for Investment

Meanwhile, Marin Software examined how the automotive sector fared during Super Bowl Sunday, finding that their investment in the costly TV ads paid off. Looking at click volumes and paid-search spend for the auto sector on the day, Marin found that compared to Sunday the previous week, automotive advertisers saw a 28% jump in clicks, a 34% rise in impressions, and an impressive 122% increase in spend. The segment’s cost per click (CPC) also increased 73%. By comparison, the company saw a relatively small 6% increase in paid-search spend across its overall US client base, along with a 9% increase in CPC.

Other Super Bowl Stats:

  • The closing moments of the Super Bowl set a new tweets per second record on Twitter, with users tweeting at an average of 10,000 per second, a new high for a sporting event, as reported by MediaBistro. Activity peaked at 12,233 tweets per second (TPS) at the end of the game, with Madonna’s half-time performance reaching 10,245 TPS, also a high for live entertainment.
  • Bluefin Labs reports that the Super Bowl made social TV history, with roughly 12.2 million social media comments, far ahead of the previous largest event, the MTV Video Music Awards of August 2011, which had 3.1 million comments. The level of activity also represents almost 7 times as many comments as were generated last year’s Super Bowl. In fact, there were 5.4 million total commenters this year, compared to 793,000 last year.
  • According to [pdf] Networked Insights, 42% of the social media conversation surrounding the Super Bowl was about the commercials, while 32% of the conversation was about the half-time show. Doritos (14%) was the top advertiser by share of voice, closely followed by Budweiser (13%), and Coke (11%).

About the Data: The InMobi data is based on a survey of 1,105 consumers who use mobile data services (including mobile web or native applications). 61% of respondents were male, and 39% female.

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