Internet Brands Resonate with Prospective Mobile Internet Phone Purchasers

October 11, 2007

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Prospective mobile internet phone purchasers indicated they would buy a handset branded by not just telcos but also internet brands such as Google and Yahoo, according to “Mobile Market View,” a mobile consumer study conducted by The Kelsey Group with research partner ConStat.

Those surveyed expressed interest in branded handsets from the following:


“The gap between the carriers (Verizon and AT&T) and the internet and technology companies was much smaller than expected, suggesting potentially wide acceptance of portal-branded phones, should they come to market,” said Matt Booth, SVP and program director, Interactive Local Media, The Kelsey Group.

“It makes sense that features that are typically associated with internet and technology companies are of high importance to consumers for their mobile devices.”

In addition, 45% of US mobile phone users surveyed said a mobile phone with better internet capability would be a key factor in their next mobile phone purchase decision.

Only 26% of mobile phone service subscribers currently opt for an internet access plan, according to the survey.


Survey respondents also ranked the importance of six mobile internet-related capabilities:

  • Better connectivity to other devices (54%) and improved ability to store and look at photos (51%) received the highest importance ratings.
  • Next were ability to access the internet more easily (45%) and listen to music or other audio content (34%).
  • The ability to play games (25%) and watch TV or internet videos (20%) were cited by fewer respondents.

About the study: “Mobile Market View” is a tracking study of mobile user behavior conducted by The Kelsey Group and research partner ConStat. This first wave of the study was conducted in September 2007 via an online 30-question survey of 500 US mobile phone users age 18 and older.

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