Mobile Users Multitask Watching TV

October 19, 2011

nielsen-simultaneous-usage-oct-2011.JPGUS tablet and smartphone owners are increasingly multitasking when it comes to watching TV, according to data released by The Nielsen Company in October 2011. Roughly 40% of tablet and smartphone owners in the US used their devices daily while watching TV, while only 14% of e-reader owners said they watched TV while using their device every day.

Tablet (28%) and smartphone (24%) users also use their devices while watching TV several times a week at twice or close to twice the 14% rate of e-reader users. Rates of doing so several times a month are virtually identical for users of all three devices, while the percentage of e-reader users who never watch TV while using their device (45%) is close to four times that of tablet (12%) and smartphone (13%) users.

Females Socially Network More during TV

nielsen-tablet-smartphone-tv-oct-2011.JPGFemale tablet and smartphone owners are more likely than male tablet and smartphone owners to visit social networking sites via their devices while watching TV. Forty-eight percent of females visited a social networking site during a program in Q2 2011, 37% more than the 35% of males who did so. Similarly, 47% of females visited a social networking site during a commercial, 30% more than the 36% of males who did so.

However, men were much more likely to check sports scores via mobile device while watching TV. Forty-four percent of men engaged in this activity, about 2.6 times the 17% of women who did so.

Email Top TV Activity

Email was the top activity for both men and women during television programming and commercial breaks, with about 60% of both women and men checking email while watching TV. Surfing for unrelated information during programming and commercials came in second, with between 44% and 46% of both men and women doing so.

1 in 4 Tablet, Smartphone Owners Watch Less TV

Only one in four (25%) tablet owners say they watch less TV as a result of tablet ownership, while about the same percentage (23%) say they use a cell phone/smartphone less often, according to data released in October 2011 by GfK MRI.

About the Data: The Nielsen Company collected data during Q2 2011.

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