Asians Lead in US Cable TV Access

August 5, 2011

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nielsen-tv-distribution-by-ethnicity-aug11.gifAsians had the highest rate (65%) of US wired cable TV access during Q1 2011, according to The Nielsen Company Q1 2011 Cross-Platform Report. African-Americans closely followed with 63% access, while Hispanics had the lowest cable TV access (51%).

Meanwhile, Hispanics led in access to both satellite TV (35%) and broadcast TV only (15%). Asians also had the highest rate of access to telco-based TV (9%), although only three percentage points separated the highest and lowest access rates to this TV technology.

DVD Penetration Sinks Below 100M

nielsen-tv-devices-aug-2011.JPGDVD household penetration is showing signs of slight contraction. About 99.9 million US households had a DVD played during Q1 2011, down slightly from 100.3 million in Q4 2010 and 100.8 million in Q1 2010.

Penetration of other TV-related devices has been rising during the same time. DVR penetration reached about 43.6 million households in Q1 2011, up 1% about 42.9 million the previous quarter and up 14% from 38.4 million the prior year.

HDTV penetration reached 75.5 million households, up 5% from 71.9 million the prior quarter and up 21% from 62.5 million the prior year. Video game penetration, at 49.7 million, is virtually flat from the previous quarter and up about 5% from 47.1 million the previous year.

Source, Distribution, Broadband Access Change Little

The overall percentages of households using different TV access methods and with broadband access have changed little in the past year. In Q1 2011, 9.4% of households had broadcast TV only, 53.8% had wired cable, 6.7% had telco-based access, and 30.2% had satellite TV. Fluctuations during the past year hovered between one and two percentage points.

Similarly, there has been little change in the past year with the Q1 2011 figures of 70.1% of households having cable or satellite TV with broadband access, 19.6% having cable or satellite TV with narrowband or no internet, 4.4% having broadcast TV only and broadband, and 4.7% having broadcast TV only with narrowband or no internet.

Older Adults, African-Americans Watch Most TV

Adults 65 and older and African-Americans were the demographic groups who watched the most weekly TV during Q1 2011, according to other results from the Q1 2011 Cross-Platform Report. Adults 65 and older spent an average of 49 hours and 17 minutes per week watching traditional TV, while African-Americans spent an average of 47 hours and 37 minutes week.

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