Hulu Viewers Use PC at 2x Rate of Netflix Viewers

August 2, 2011

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nielsen-netflix-hulu-user-habits-aug11.gifEighty-nine percent of Hulu viewers watch Hulu directly on a PC, slightly more than twice the 42% rate of PC viewing by Netflix viewers, according to data released in August 2011 by The Nielsen Company. The only other viewing method used by a significant percentage of Hulu viewers, 20%, is connecting a computer to a TV (more than one answer per respondent permitted).

Connecting a computer to a TV is also the only other online viewing method used by a higher percentage of Hulu viewers than Netflix viewers (14%).

Netflix Viewers Use Wii at 8x Rate of Hulu Viewers

Meanwhile, Netflix viewers show a much greater variety of viewing methods they are willing to use in large numbers. Netflix viewers are also most likely to view via PC, although at a much lower rate than Netflix viewers. In addition, 25% of Netflix viewers use a Wii, about eight times the 3% of Hulu viewers who do the same.

Other viewing methods used by double-digit percentages of Netflix viewers include PS3 (13%), Xbox Live (12%), and internet-connected Blu-Ray player (11%). Netflix viewers use all these methods at rates about four to six times those of Hulu viewers.

Over-the-top, internet-enabled devices, such as Roku Box, Google TV and Apple TV, were also cited by small percentages of viewers as means for connecting with Hulu and Netflix.

Netflix, Hulu Viewers Split on TV, Movies

nielsen-netflix-hulu-content-habits-aug11.gifHulu and Netflix users also trend toward different content types. Nearly three-fourths (73%) of Hulu users view primarily TV shows, almost seven times the 11% of Netflix users who mostly watch TV shows.

On the flipside, more than half (53%) of Netflix users watch primarily movies, about six times the 9% of Hulu users who say the same. Finally, twice as many Netflix users (36%) than Hulu users (18%) watch both movies and TV shows equally. As with viewing platform, Netflix viewers show more variety in content than Hulu viewers.

comScore: Online Video Viewership Grows

The number of unique US viewers visiting the top 10 online video properties by viewer increased month-over-month in June 2011, according to comScore Video Metrix data. The total number of unique viewers increased 1%, from 176.3 million to 178.4 million.

About the Data: Nielsen completed more than 12,000 online interviews in March 2011, focusing on usage and attitudes for over-the-top video, particularly Netflix and Hulu.

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