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June 14, 2011

compete-social-media-usage-by-location-jun11.gifTwitter users are more likely to perform social networking via mobile device than users of Facebook or LinkedIn, according to data from Compete. Forty-three percent of Twitter users access Twitter via phone and 9% access Twitter via tablet.

In contrast, 34% of Facebook users and only 9% of LinkedIn users access their social networks via phone, while 7% of Facebook users and 4% of LinkedIn users employ a tablet. Interestingly, 98% of both Facebook and LinkedIn users perform social networking via desktop, compared to 92% of Twitter users.

Twitter Drives Purchases Better than Facebook

compete-social-media-usage-outcomes-jun11.gifFifty-six percent of those who follow a brand on Twitter indicated they are “more likely” to make a purchase of that brand’s products compared to a 47% lift for those who “Like” a brand on Facebook. Twitter also has smaller edges in the percentage of followers who are more likely to visit a website (62% compared to 60%) and recommend (59% compared to 55%).

Twitter Followers More Focused on Product Updates

compete-reasons-to-follow-like-a-brand-jun11.gifWhile those who follow a brand on Twitter and “Like” a brand on Facebook do so to learn about discounts and available “free stuff” to a similar degree, Twitter followers are much more likely to use the platform for “updates on future products” (84% to 60%).

Twitter followers are also substantially more likely than Facebook fans to use the platform for fun/entertainment (87% compared to 63%), stay informed about a company (69% compared to 50%), interaction (65% compared to 50%), learning about a company (60% compared to 42%), learning about related topics (57% compared to 36%), customer service (56% compared to 38%), and hearing directly from a company (51% compared to 34%).

Twitter Drives Channel Integration

compete-twitter-activity-usage-jun11.gifSeventeen percent of Twitter users tweet about a TV show while watching the show. Compete analysis indicates this illustrates that many consumers interact with multiple forms of media at the same time via Twitter. In addition, 37% of Twitter users employ the network for news and current events, 34% use links in tweets, 19% find brands to follow, and 18% visit brand pages.

Pew: Twitter Use Jumps from Nov. 2010

As of May 2011, 13% of online US adults use the status update service Twitter, up 62.5% from 8% who did so in November 2010, according to data from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Pew research shows that slightly more than half (54%) of Twitter users access the service via cell phone.

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