Chevy, Fox Ads Draw Super Bowl Viewers

February 10, 2011

nielsen-super-bowl-ads-most-watched.JPGAds for automaker Chevrolet and the Fox TV network dominated the list of most-watched ads during Super Bowl XLV on Sunday, February 6, 2011, according to new data from The Nielsen Company. The number one ad, featuring two guys describing a woman’s wild ride in a silver Chevrolet Camaro, was the most-watched commercial of all time. An estimated 119,628,000 viewers watched the ad, surpassing the previous record holder, a Doritos commercial from last year’s Super Bowl with 116,231,920 viewers.

Car Ads Get Eyeballs

Chevrolet captured the top two spots, while TV network Fox (which broadcast the game) snared three spots: #11, 13 and 14. Adding in the number five ad from Bridgestone Tires and number 10 ad for the Volkswagen Beetle, it is clear that ads for autos and automotive products were the night’s winners in terms of viewership.

4th Quarter Ads Do Better

All of the 14 most-watched ads tracked by Nielsen were broadcast during the second half of the game, and 13 were broadcast during the fourth quarter (including the top two spots from Chevrolet).

Viewers Like Doritos, VW Ads

nielsen-super-bowl-ads-most-liked-feb-2011.JPGIn terms of which ads viewers said they liked best, a VW Passat ad in the second quarter featuring a child dressed as Darth Vader from “Star Wars” received top ranking. The VW Beetle ad which was the 10th-most-watched was also the sixth-most-liked. Doritos also had two ads in the top 10 most-liked, at numbers four and five.

Unlike the most-viewed ads, the most-liked ads were not clustered in any particular quarter. Three were in the first quarter, one in the second, three in the third, and three in the fourth.

Doritos, Pepsi, Bud Ads Do Well in Recall

nielsen-super-bowl-ads-most-recalled-feb-2011.JPGIn terms of which ads viewers best recalled after the broadcast, ads from Doritos took first, third and seventh place. Ads for Budweiser were the second- and 10th-most recalled, while Pepsi ads took fourth and fifth place.

Ads that ran in the first quarter dominated the top 10 list, taking six spots including number one. Eight of the top 10 were shown before halftime and Nielsen analysis shows brand recall was 19 percent higher in the first quarter than in the fourth quarter.

Wealthy Households More Likely to Watch Super Bowl

nielsen-superbowl-household-rating-by-income-feb11.gifIn good news for advertisers, Super Bowl viewership share rises with household income. While almost 74% of households with an annual income of more than $500,000 watched this year’s Super Bowl, only 30.5% of households with annual income of less than $10,000 viewed the game. The share percentage slowly but steadily rises with each income level between those two figures. Ads for Tires, NFL, Beer Score

Ads for Bridgestone Tires, the NFL and Bud Light beer were the three most popular with viewers of the 2011 Super Bowl, according to an online survey from Volkswagen was the only company to place two ads in the top 10 list, number four “Darth Passat” and number seven “Black Beetle.”

45th Parallel Design Ad

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